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Promotion of the interests of entrepreneurs and professionals

For companies and non-profit organizations

The promotion of the interests of entrepreneurs and professional forms a part of our activities. For this reason, we undertake to provide up-to-date information primarily to such entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations operated in our region and elsewhere in the country that consider the facilities offered by information technology as an opportunity for the growth and development of their operations. Within this context, we ensure that the various companies should be adequately informed about the available grant application opportunities, and if requested we even prepare their grant applications. In addition, obviously, we continuously inform them in relation to the current news and events that are important for them, and influence their activities.

Towards this end, we provide them with continuous, direct and indirect, contacts and relations with various non-profit and economic organizations.


Marketing expert advice

Marketing terv készítése vállalkozások számára


Writing and monitoring of GRANT APPLICATIONS

Monitoring, writing, calling down and managing grant applications for natural persons, private entrepreneurs and business associations. If you do not want to miss the support offered by grant applications, then choose us!.


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