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Development and hosting of Internet websites

SI-WEB 50 SI-WEB 100 SI-WEB 100+

50 Mb web space
100 Mb mail space
1 E-mail address

100 Mb web space
100 Mb mail space
5 E-mail address

100 Mb above web space
100 Mb mail space
10 E-mail address

7.000* HUF + VAT 9.000* HUF + VAT 12.000* HUF + VAT

.hu Domain regisztráció: 3200 HUF + VAT
(first 2 years)
Our prices may change in case of a foreign country domain!


Today, in the 21st century, a company or enterprise is absolutely in need of advertisements for its operations. There are thousands of alternatives from leaflets through the press to the electronic media. What they share in common is the huge amounts they cost in connection with each event/publication. Moreover, these forms are usually limited in scope by the service providers (the dimensions of the advertising surfaces, maximal length of TV spots, etc.)


Nowadays, Internet is at hand in nearly every home and workplace, and people can increasingly exploit its benefits. Today’s society has arrived at a stage where it uses the Internet more to obtain information than the printed products of long-passed ages. User can instantly get to the necessary information with the use of the Internet. Thus, each company or entrepreneur, or any other organization that wishes to keep pace with our time and the development of society sooner or later needs to have a website. A place in the Internet where the company, enterprise, products, partners, services can be introduced, and thousands of other pieces of information can be published. Imagination is the only limit/


These pages presenting data and information have to be prepared only once, then they only need to be updated with the current news. Information published this way is available for everyone all over the world, and just for a fraction of the advertisement charges of offline media. Internet search engines are in quest for 24 hours a day so that users sitting in front of the computer could obtain the required information. This information may arrive at them from your own website, from here a good contact or mutually beneficial cooperation is just one step beyond.

Let’s see the benefits of Internet websites:

  • "unlimited advertising surfaces”
  • you can present your enterprise in more details via a website than in the offline media
  • continuously updated information, even daily topicality
  • you can introduce your company in new fields where you have had no opportunities before
  • continuous contacts with your partners and customers – at significantly lower prices.
  • you can asses the demands or opinions of your customers via the website with the use of interactive elements



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